Hey look! Drawings I did and some things that I think are cool.






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hey look! i made this!

My name is ERIN K WILSON and i’m going to draw because i like it, not because i have to.

Hey look I drew this for no fucking reason except having coffee with Clint in Tallahassee!

Plus I gotta find more friends who actually draw when they say they are going to get coffee and draw. (me included) more often than not I say that but don’t do anything other than talk and gesticulate.

I’m trying to do a new thing where I absentmindedly doodle and post sketches while talking on the phone. I did this while on a 30 min call with ALISHAAAAA

OH MY GOSH i just tried a brand new BRUSH PEN that I was HIGHLY skeptical of until my drawings looked the best. Quick sketch while tabling at the New Orleans Bookfairrrr!

I’m trying to think of crafty things to sell for Christmas! Embroideries are time intensive, so i’d have to make em pricey. I dunnnooool… hrmmm

I’m trying to work on a XMAS present for my fam this year- here is what I made last year! It’s an illustrated diagram of my new orleans family to show my blood family what’s up. Can you spot the babe?

This was my first two color screenprint!

Need ideas for this XMAS ughhhh

Hey! Check out this four color design that I did for the NEW ORLEANS COMMUNITY PRINT SHOP! Sometime soon these will be printed on their brand new lithography press!

READ EVERY BOOK. I edited a very old drawing so that I could screenprint it tomorrow and make patches! What do you think? Would you be into sewing this onto your hoodie???


Hey look! Illustrations I did for the next raging pelican!!! CHECK IT OUUUUUTTT!! AHHHHH!!

Shame old shame old.

I’m reblogging this to remind my followers how wonderful sam springston is. STIPPLESTEP.TUMBLR.COM


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