OKAY i went to go see E.T. (with ALISHA RAE who is sitting on the far left)at the Grand theater in Kenner last night, and it was AWESOME. I forgot that I had forgotten nearly every single detail from that movie. IT was amazing. The best part? All the doctors trying to talk doctor talk! I’m not fucking joking, one of them said “let’s try some more drugs”.

Later I watched the credits and saw that there were several actual doctors in the extras cast list! So for real, Steven Spielberg just hired a bunch of doctors and told them to “talk doctor talk” or something. It was awesome.

Go watch it again and listen to the doctors.



Okay guys, HERE is what I’ve been working on for a month!

Marissa Alexander is currently facing a 60 year sentence for firing a warning shot against her abusive husband! Learn more about her story and how you can help at FREEMARISSANOW.ORG

Please share your support for Marissa with all your tags, babes.



Hey look it’s my cute house! So my dad gave me this GOPRO video camera that crazy sports people use to strap to their helmets and do flips and shit. But the cool part is that it has a FISHEYE lens attached to it, and i’m gonna use photos like this as references for the comics I’m gonna do!!! I looooove this .persepctive!! AHHH THINK OF HOW COOL IT WOULD LOOK AS A COMIC